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Capturing a Pipe Bursting Event: Our Experience Working with Nassco

As a video production company, we're often called upon to document unique and interesting events. So, when a marketing company reached out to us about filming a pipe bursting event for Nassco (the National Association of Sewer Service Companies), we were excited to take on the challenge.

The project was straightforward: Nassco and 110 RPM were doing a pipe bursting and wanted to capture the event for educational purposes. The goal was to train future staff members and workers on the intricacies of pipe bursting, so it was important that we document everything from start to finish.

The shoot lasted two days and took place in Pennsylvania. We traveled up there to do the work and were immediately struck by the level of professionalism and expertise displayed by the teams at Nassco and 110 RPM. They had all the specialized equipment needed to burst the old pipe and drag through the new one, all underground.

As we set up our cameras and began filming, we were blown away by the technology and precision on display. It was fascinating to watch the old pipe burst and see the new one being seamlessly installed in its place. We captured the entire process, from the initial excavation to the final clean-up, and got some great footage that will be used for educational purposes in the future.

Photo by GoodLuckStef Productions

What made this project truly special, however, was the people we worked with. Everyone at Nassco and 110 RPM was friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about what they do. They were more than happy to answer any questions we had and provide us with insights into the pipe bursting process.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience and we were thrilled to have been a part of it. It's not often that we get to work on projects that are both informative and interesting, but this one definitely fit the bill. We'd like to extend our thanks to Nassco and 110 RPM for giving us the opportunity to work with them and for their exceptional professionalism throughout the project.

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