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GoodLuckStef Helps to Tell the Story of W.J. Cooper Center in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania

GoodLuckStef, a video marketing and production company, a while back took on a pro bono project to help out the W.J. Cooper Center in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania. The center, owned by Kent Steinmetz, was established to provide a community center for the local community, which was in desperate need of a resource like this. GoodLuckStef was excited to help out and tell the center's story, and they have been making ongoing efforts to document its progress and impact.

During their initial visit, GoodLuckStef collected interviews and testimonials from various community members, including banks, volunteers, and the police department. They also provided a 3D virtual tour of the entire school, which took about 12 hours to complete. The tour, created by GoodLuckStef team member Lacey, was amazing in its ability to bring history back to life, especially considering that the building is on the National Registry for history.

GoodLuckStef is grateful to work with people like Kent Steinmetz, who see the value in preserving history and supporting local communities. The team at GoodLuckStef is committed to doing their best to help out where they can and to continue telling the story of the W.J. Cooper Center. They look forward to getting back to the center sometime soon to continue their work.

The W.J. Cooper Center, located in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, is a true gem in the community. Owned by Kent Steinmetz, the center is a testament to the owner's commitment to history and community service. This former school building has been transformed into a community center that serves as a hub of activity and a resource for the local community.

The W.J. Cooper Center is a place where people can gather, learn, and grow. The center hosts a variety of events, from community meetings to art shows to live performances. The building is also home to a number of community organizations, including the Shenandoah Heritage Society and the Shenandoah Senior Center.

Kent Steinman has invested a great deal of time and resources into the center, and it shows. The building has been lovingly restored and renovated to preserve its historical significance while also providing modern amenities for the community. The center's library is home to an extensive collection of books and historical artifacts, and there are classrooms and meeting spaces available for community use.

Overall, the W.J. Cooper Center is an excellent example of a community-driven project that benefits the local area. GoodLuckStef's involvement showcases the power of video marketing and production to tell a story and bring awareness to important initiatives. This project is a testament to the positive impact that small businesses can have on their communities, and it highlights the importance of supporting local businesses and organizations.

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