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Stand out in the competitive real estate industry with Goodluckstef!

Goodluckstef Productions has had the pleasure of working with Matt Cheney, a real estate agent, since April 27, 2019, helping him create a weekly YouTube series (Onsite With Matt Cheney, Capital Luxury Update & Matt Cheney Presents and assisting with marketing the properties he sells. Our collaboration has helped Cheney stand out in the competitive real estate industry, and has allowed him to make a difference and get noticed within the community.

The YouTube series, which is shot bi-weekly, has been a great way for Cheney to showcase his listings and expertise in the real estate industry. The videos provide a detailed look at the properties he is selling, highlighting their unique features and potential. Viewers can see the properties from a personal perspective, which helps them envision themselves living in the house and makes them more likely to contact Cheney to schedule a showing.

In addition to the YouTube series, Goodluckstef Productions has also helped Chaney with marketing the properties. We have created videos that help promote the listings and share information about the neighborhood and local amenities. This has helped to increase visibility of the properties and has generated more interest from potential buyers.

Video marketing has been a key component of Chaney's success. It has allowed him to stand out in the community and be noticed by not only people looking to sell their houses, but also by community leaders and influencers. The use of video allows him to showcase his listings in a unique and engaging way, build trust with potential clients, and establish himself as an expert in the field.

In conclusion, Goodluckstef Productions is proud to have worked with Matt Chaney and helped him succeed in the real estate industry. By utilizing video marketing, we have been able to help him stand out in the community and be noticed by both potential clients and community leaders.

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