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Thanks to the benefits of professional digital photography, buyers are able to get a better sense of the property they’re considering via photos, video, and 3D Tours. This makes it easier to feel comfortable with proceeding with a purchase and as far as sellers go - making a good first impression is key! The reports published by Redfin show that this technology not only helps properties look appealing, but it helps them close quicker and at higher prices. Who would have thought that taking an extra step in advertising real estate would have such an impact on marketability? Professional digital photography isn’t just for showcasing luxury homes either – even the most basic property benefits from these services!

If you’re in the market of selling a property, let us help capture all the features and beauty it has to offer! Our exceptional photography, video, and 3D Tours services are top-of-the-line across Northern Virginia, Washington, DC and Maryland. Choose us as your assistant and put a shine on your property enabling potential buyers get excited about it! We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed – just let our pros work their magic and don’t forget to show off your best asset - your house!

Here at GLS, we have realized that the best way to give your customers a comprehensive view of your listings is with the Matterport Pro 2! This amazing device provides a detailed 3D perspective which can give your clients all the information they need to make informed decisions – even if it's outside of normal opening hours. And on top of all this, every Matterport scan comes complete with a floor plan - so you don't miss out on any details! Put simply, if you're looking for the perfect technology partner to make your 24-hour open house a success, we've got it all covered.

Virtual staging offers a simple and easy solution to giving clients an idea of how a place might look furnished - plus, you can have your fully staged images in less time than it takes to order take-out! Whether it's an apartment or house, virtual staging is the perfect way to show off what the end result can be. On top of being quick and efficient, it's also fun - dealing with furniture made out of pixels rather than wood makes the whole thing feel like a game at times. If you're looking for a way to give your clients insight into their dream space without physically staging it, why not try out virtual staging? You'll have results before you know it and the best part is... no heavy lifting required!

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