Lacy is always up for a good time and a great challenge! She loves nothing more than working with her clients to create the perfect solution that makes their lives easier. Whether you’re just starting out in the customer service industry or want to take your existing business up a notch, Lacy and GLS Productions are here to help make it happen. With years of experience, knowledge and passion for customer service, Lacy will make sure you get what you need – no matter the obstacle! Get ready for a wild ride filled with fun and satisfaction when you work with GLS Productions. Let’s go!

Lacy believes in total transparency so that every client has a clear understanding of the expectations and outcomes. She’s a great communicator, ensuring that all clients have a full understanding of what they are getting before moving forward with the project. No surprises – just excellence! For the ultimate customer service experience, Lacy is your go-to gal. Get ready to be amazed!



Stefan’s creativity is boundless. He’s constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and storytelling, creating captivating visuals that resonate with audiences everywhere. From video to photography to 3D Virtual Tours, Stefan has mastered a wide range of mediums in order to bring stories to life. His work has been featured in magazines, books, and galleries around the world, and his dedication to creating beautiful and effective visuals is unparalleled. Along with Lacy Jones, Stefan has been able to take projects from mere ideas to fully realized visions. Their ability to transform a concept into an engaging visual story is truly remarkable. With their combined talents, Stefan and Lacy bring out the best in any project and have been able to provide solutions for some of the most difficult creative challenges.

No matter how large or small the job is, Stefan and Lacy’s passion and commitment remain unwavering. Their attention to detail ensures that each piece of work is of the highest quality and their dedication to creating inspiring visuals shines through in each project. With Stefan and Lacy at the helm, any creative endeavor is sure to be a success.

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