Collaboration with EZ Trim Harvesting in Advancing Cannabis Manufacturing

Updated: Aug 6

Earlier this year, our journey with EZ Trim Harvesting began at NECANN, a prominent industry event. As a production company constantly seeking new clients and opportunities to support businesses and entrepreneurs, attending such events is invaluable. The encounter with EZ Trim Harvesting proved to be a remarkable experience, and we were excited to learn about their manufacturing processes and commitment to producing top-notch products for both manufacturers and home growers.

During our time at NECANN, I had the pleasure of meeting Joe, the representative from EZ Trim Harvesting, on the first day of the event. Our conversation was insightful, and I gained valuable knowledge about the company's dedication to delivering high-quality products. Joe shared the intricate processes they implement to ensure their equipment meets the highest standards in the industry.

Following the event, our communication with EZ Trim Harvesting continued, and we mutually decided to embark on our first project together. After completing a filming assignment in Vermont with Cannatrol, we journeyed to Connecticut to collaborate with a local home grower and create a video featuring one of EZ Trim Harvesting's products—the Wander Trimmer.

Our partnership with EZ Trim Harvesting proved to be an exceptional experience, as it always is with new companies. Working closely with them, we were able to capture the essence of their innovative technology and manufacturing advancements. The process of creating the video not only showcased the quality of their products but also highlighted their dedication to storytelling and conveying the value of their technology to the cannabis industry.

We eagerly anticipate continuing our collaboration with EZ Trim Harvesting and assisting them in sharing their story, particularly as they push the boundaries of technology in cannabis manufacturing. As a production company committed to amplifying the growth and success of our clients, we are excited about the future projects we will undertake together. By leveraging our expertise in content creation, we aim to play a crucial role in promoting EZ Trim Harvesting's advancements and driving their continued success.

Our collaboration with EZ Trim Harvesting at NECANN was a significant milestone in our journey as a production company. The encounter and subsequent partnership allowed us to delve into the intricacies of their manufacturing processes and witness firsthand their commitment to delivering exceptional equipment. We are honored to contribute to their storytelling efforts and to showcase the advancements they are making in the cannabis industry. Moving forward, we remain dedicated to supporting the growth and progress of EZ Trim Harvesting, and we look forward to the exciting projects that lie ahead.

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